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Lawyer Reveals How To Avoid The Ongoing FTC Government Crackdown Of Big Fines For Web Sites Not In Compliance With Their Rules

Fact ... If Your Web Site Business Isn't Compliant With The FTC & Other Government Agencies’ Rules, Laws & Regulations, Your Personal & Business Assets Could Be Seized, Or Worse You Could Face Criminal Prosecution & An LLC Or Other Corporate Entity Won’t Protect You.

From the desk of Bob Silber, J.D., President Law Offices of D. Robert Silber, P.A. WebSiteLegalForms.com Tuesday, 10:51 AM

My name is Bob Silber, a trial attorney, litigating cases in all State and Federal Courts, with over 40 years of complex litigation experience.

If you have a Website this is what you need to know…

Government Agencies and The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Government's consumer protection agency for the Internet, levies horrendous fines, and seizes property and assets, in their efforts to protect consumers. The FTC isn't concerned with your difficulties or problems being compliant with the many mandatory laws, or you maintaining a Web presence. Their only concern is protecting the consumer.

The FTC with each lawsuit, in their ongoing legal actions against Web site owners, has said they are sending a clear message to others, to become compliant with their laws or suffer the consequences.

With each of their cases the FTC is telling you what NOT to do. Heed Their Warnings & Get Legally Compliant Now, or you could be their next case.

In law, omitting a single word, or having a wrong word can cause serious liability. Mrs. Fields Cookies and Hershey's Chocolate were fined $100,000 and $80,000 respectively, by the Federal Trade Commission, for having an improperly worded privacy statement on their sites. Apparently their lawyers weren't familiar with all the nuances of Internet law and FTC requirements.

Against that background, you can see it is quite costly to rely on a cheap alternative, like inexpensive forms that give a false sense of security, or even an attorney that may not have the expertise in the field of Internet marketing.

Website Instant Internet Empires …

FTC Seized All Business & Personal Assets

This Web site was run by a popular and well liked marketer who believed he was not doing anything wrong. The FTC didn't see it that way and seized all of his personal family and business assets. When the owner, a very successful marketer, was served with this Court Order he wasn't left with any money to buy a pack of gum. To read the scary Court Order Click Here

What Did All These Businesses Have In Common?

They All Thought They Ran a Legitimate Internet Business when the FTC Nabbed Them. Read that again, it is that important. We are not talking about Web sites that are scamming people. The downfall of the scamming Web sites is a given, so those cases are not even mentioned here.

These cases are Web sites that believed they were innocent of any wrongdoing at the time the FTC hammer dropped on them.

Getting taken to court by anyone, especially the Government is a nightmare.

Marketers are under the mistaken impression that doing business as a corporation, LLC or other form of a limited liability company, that their personal assets are safe and protected.

While in some cases, that may be the case when being sued by an individual, that is never the case when taken to Court by the FTC or other government agency, because your personal assets can be seized.

And the list of Web sites hit with penalties goes on and on ...

For example, the FTC levied a 1 Million Dollar penalty against Xanga.com for Violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule. The FTC said, “a million-dollar penalty should make that obligation crystal clear.”

Apparently it isn't clear to everyone. The FTC enforcement trends have been to levy increasingly higher and higher penalties on Web sites for violations. In the words of the FTC, to make your obligation to follow the FTC rules & regulations "Crystal Clear."

There Are Four Basic Legal Documents You Should Have

  • A Terms Of Service Contract (TOS ) for your Web site business
  • A Privacy Policy for your Web site business
  • An Earnings Disclaimer for your Web site business
  • A "Disclaimer & Legal Rights" Web Page

Any sites that are related to stocks, day trading or others that would fall within the scrutiny of the SEC, or health related sites like diet or vitamin supplement sites would need additional documents.

Also, any sites that users have the ability to leave comments or upload text or images, would need additional legal documents. That would require setting you up with a safe harbor package under the DMCA. In fact it is always a good idea to protect yourself with a safe harbor package on your Website.

All legal documents would be licensed to you, never sold, and copyrighted by me.

A legal document license is $997 per document. To order a document license Click Here

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