Fact ... If Your Web Site Business Isn't Compliant With The FTC Rules & Regulations, Your Personal & Business Assets Could Be Seized, Or Worse You Could Face Criminal Prosecution

That's right.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Government's consumer watchdog  agency for the Internet, levies horrendous fines,  and seizes property and assets, in their efforts to protect consumers.

The FTC isn't concerned with your difficulties or problems being compliant with their laws, or you making money as an Internet marketer.  Their only concern is protecting the consumer.  

How Long Do You Have Before The FTC Visits Your Web Site?

Today? Tomorrow?

Chances are your Web site is a ticking time bomb that can catapult you into the poor house or worse, prison.  You need to follow the law and become compliant now.  Why roll the dice any longer?  How long before your luck ends?  The clock is ticking and time is running out.

I'm about to reveal some shocking information with you.  Information most likely you didn't know.  Take every FTC action against a Web site owner as a cautionary tale. With these cases the FTC is telling you what NOT to do.  Heed Their Warnings & Get Legally Compliant Now, or you could be next.    

First, let me tell you a little about who I am and why you can rely on what I have to say… 

From the desk of Bob Silber, J.D., President
Law Offices of D. Robert Silber, P.A.
Tuesday, 10:51 AM

Dear Internet Friend,

I’m Attorney Bob Silber, of InternetMarketingLawProducts.com and

“Legal Counsel to the Internet Marketing Superstars ..."

My Internet marketing clients read like a who's who of Internet marketing.  

What Do These Top Marketing Names Have In Common? 

Jimmy D. Brown
Jonathan Mizel
Michael Fortin
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Stephen Pierce
Alan Bechtold
Brett Fogle
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Cody Moya

John Reese
Tony Blake
Allen Says
Armand Morin
Marc Goldman
Tom Hua
Jeff Johnson
Russell Brunson
Sterling Valentine
Michael Filsaime
Mark Joyner

Yanik Silver
Willie Crawford
Shawn Casey
Michael Kimble
Ken Calhoun
Jeff Walker
Kenneth A. McArthur
Joe Vitale
Brad Callen 
Keith Wellman

They are some of the names from my client list.

Some of my most successful clients are names you wouldn't even recognize. Those clients are what I call my "Shadow Marketers ™." and include individuals generating millions of dollars on the Net.  

These "Shadow Marketers ™ " don't want their names known and you will never hear about them. When it comes to generating money on the Internet, this elite group leaves some of the most successful, recognizable marketing stars in the dust. 

If you have an Internet business and visit other marketer's Web sites, you may have noticed that most of the world's top Internet marketers rely on my licensed Complete FTC Legal Compliance & Civil Web Site Legal Protection Package, on all of their Web sites, for their legal protections. That package is licensed for $697 per document or $2788.00 for all four.  Preparing the legal documents involved over 250 hours of my time and research to produce.   

Now, you can use what the world's top Internet marketing gurus rely on ...

How The Complete FTC Legal Compliance & Civil Web Site Legal Protection Package Legal Documents Were Developed

Here is some background so you know what you would be spending your money on.  The Complete FTC Legal Compliance & Civil Web Site Legal Protection Package legal documents offer legal protections that all Internet businesses must have and were developed not only with my legal expertise in the field, but also from my academic knowledge as an adjunct Professor, teaching the subject matter, at a major state university. 

How The Documents Are Prepared

Once you order the license for your legal documents, I email you various questions that I use in preparing your documents.  Then I prepare your documents and email you a comprehensive outline of FTC requirements, taken from the FTC cases, rules and regulations, on the proper method for placing your licensed legal documents on your Web sites. 

Developing these documents was not a quick process, requiring over 250 hours of my time and research, including following all the important FTC cases and laws on the matter, in order to include everything required. Special attention was given to all the necessary, little "magic" legal words that can be very costly if omitted. I have reviewed many less costly alternatives and have found them to be lacking important protections, that one shouldn't be without.

Why Using The Wrong Attorney Can Be A Costly Mistake ...
Mrs. Fields Cookies and Hershey's Chocolate Nabbed By The FTC

Most of the top Internet marketers rely on me for their legal protections knowing that having improperly drafted legal documents are a serious mistake. In law, omitting a single word, or having a wrong word can cause serious liability. Mrs. Fields Cookies and Hershey's Chocolate were fined $100,000 and $80,000 respectively, by the Federal Trade Commission, for having an improperly worded privacy statement on their sites. Apparently their lawyers weren't familiar with all the nuances of Internet law and FTC requirements. 

Against that background, you can see it is quite costly to rely on a cheap alternative, like ready made inexpensive forms that give a false sense of security, or even an attorney that may not have the expertise in the field of Internet marketing.

Instant Internet Empires - Seized All Business & Personal Assets

This Web site was run by a popular and well liked marketer who believed he was not doing anything wrong.  The FTC didn't see it that way and seized all of his personal family and business assets.  When the owner, a very successful marketer, was served with this Court Order he wasn't left with any money to buy a stick of gum.  Click Here to read the Order.

Let's look at some other Web sites that the FTC hit with penalties

American Pop Corn Company $10,000
Lisa Frank, Inc. $30,000
Monarch Services, Inc. $30,000
The Ohio Art Company $35,000
BigMailbox $35,000
Looksmart $35,000
Bonzi Software, distributor of the BonziBuddy software, paid $75,000
UMG Recordings $400,000

And the list of Web sites hit with penalties goes on and on ...

What Did All These Businesses Have In Common?

They All Thought They Ran a Legitimate Internet Business when the FTC Nabbed Them.  Read that again, it is that important.  We are not talking about Web sites that are scamming people.  The downfall of the scamming Web sites is a given, so those cases are not even mentioned here.  These cases are Web sites that believed they were innocent of any wrongdoing at the time the FTC hammer dropped on them.  

FTC Update:  Checking the latest FTC cases, laws, rules and enforcement trends to keep my clients out of trouble.  For example, the FTC on September 7, 2006 levied a 1 Million Dollar penalty against Xanga.com for Violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule. The FTC said, a million-dollar penalty should make that obligation crystal clear.”  

It has been clear to me and for years my client's have been protected against this type violation.  Apparently it isn't clear to everyone.  Interestingly enough, it appears that the FTC enforcement trends have been to levy increasingly higher and higher penalties on Web sites for violations.  In the words of the FTC, to make your obligation to follow the FTC rules & regulations "Crystal Clear."

Don't Make The Mistake One Millionaire Marketer Made

One millionaire marketer thought it would be a good idea to rely on a $19 form generator to protect his substantial assets and then make money by selling it to others.

That product is WebLawGenerator and contained some of my copyrighted intellectual property.  Here is a letter, in pertinent part,  from the creator of WebLawGenerator, that the Millionaire Marketer used and then sold to other marketers to use.

Gary McCaffrey here, I'm the person who originally compiled the WebLawGenerator product.

I think I should tell you how the product came to be; I was looking for months trying to find cheap website legal documents for my own websites, in this time I had collected all kinds of documents from all over the internet to reference when writing my own.

Looking back, this was obviously very silly, as I know absolutely nothing about Law.

When I had re-written the documents for my own sites, I created the 'generator' to save myself time. Then I had what in hindsight was the silliest idea of my life. To sell this generator as a product with MRR.

Very silly and I always had a bad feeling about the entire thing regarding liability once the website went live.

Gary McCaffrey


Now License The Legal Documents The Top Internet Marketers Rely On

Isn't it time you were protected with the same legal documents the world's top Internet marketers rely on for their legal protections ?  Order my licensed Complete FTC Legal Compliance & Civil Web Site Legal Protection Package, for all of your Web sites Now. 

The Complete FTC Legal Compliance & Civil Web Site Legal Protection Package License is comprised of 4 documents, a Terms Of Service Contract (TOS ) for your Web site business, a Privacy Policy for your Web site business, an Earnings Disclaimer for your Web site business and a Customized "Disclaimer & Legal Rights" Web Page. 

You can see how all 4 documents are used at the bottom of the page at http://www.InternetMarketingLawProducts.com 

The documents would be licensed to you, copyrighted by me, and text lock encrypted in order to discourage others from copying my intellectual property. 

Any sites that are related to stocks, day trading or others that would fall within the scrutiny of the SEC, or health related sites like diet or vitamin supplement sites would need additional documents, not included in the licensed package. 

Also, any sites that users have the ability to leave comments or upload text or images, would need additional legal documents, not included in the above license. That would require setting you up with a safe harbor package under the DMCA.

Click The Price Plan Below That Best Suits Your Needs
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$2788 License for unlimited use, of all 4 legal documents, on all the Web sites you own. Best Value.

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Individual Web site legal document licenses are $697 for each document, for unlimited use, on all the Web sites you own.  Contact me for individual legal document licenses.


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